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all about me

Aug 11, 2012
tell us about your self wizard! we wanna know! here's some stuff about me:
name: Ashelyfairydreamer
level:32(might be a higher level by the time you meet me)
known for:being helpful,good at teaching,being just plain old nice
house:royal play house
pets: (a lot) but i will list some; heck hound,spider,golden piggy,fairy,e.t.c, e.t.c
favorite world: wysteria
story: was born in wysteria. was in a wealthy family and my mom was the headmaster of the school.then she wanted to teach the fire school (which she did for a few years) then she died and my cousin (the salamander teaching the fire school) teached and is still teaching. now i follow my mom and teach in my house (and if you read my other posts i would like to have a school .... a REAL school) i made a few plays and i am popular(this story is really not real) oh btw my dad is headmaster in commons. plz post on here and give us your story!;)

Jun 06, 2009
Stephen Earthmender, at this point a level 100 Life Wizard, known for geeking out on the details of complicated dungeon battles and of course healing, healing, healing. Have gotten my outbound heal up to 136% or so, but can't run in that gear because the bad guys will kill me.

I finally gave in to the Crowns Gods and got myself a full set of Jade Gear, and I don't die much. If the healer's alive, everyone else is likely to be safe also. :-)

I always stitch everything to a dark blue noob outfit -- though I do have a set of Water Works gear stitched to top hat, tux, and fancy boots for dress ball events. I don't think I've pulled them out in years.

I normally hang out on Pixie Realm. Originally, because it was less used and often quiet, though it seems to have gotten popular. Now, it's just habit. And healers like Pixies, as a rule LOL.

I love hanging out at the entrances to complicated dungeons and help folks get through them. Back in the day, it was Nastrond, Briskbreeze, Water Works, Tower of the Helephant, and the Spiral Geographic Society Warehouse.

Later it was Mirror Lake, Ghost Avalon and the Keep of Ganelon.

Briefly, the big battles in Khrysalis, but really the focus was on Tartarus, once people discovered the gear there.

Now Darkmoor is the dance of choice; I have not yet gotten good enough to absolutely ensure everyone lives through every battle every time we go, but we're getting there.

Sometimes I go back to Water Works or Helephant and hang out at the entrance just to see if anyone is in need of help, but it's not really fair -- I'm 40 levels above those dungeons now, and nobody dies on my watch. :-)

My other characters only garden. I originally wanted to run them so I could learn how every school thinks, but really, I love healing. So the other ones just keep me supplied with treasure cards, reagents, and of course mega snacks, all from their gardens.

- Stephen Earthmender
Life Wizard, Pixie Realm