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Add Bazaar to each world

Jan 02, 2009
KI my kids and I love the game and have a request: Could you please consider adding a Bazaar to each World. There is too much travel between Wizard City and the other worlds to sell and buy items. I am proposing that you add a Bazaar to each World and have the levels of items be specific to that World. For instance: Wizard City leave as it is, Kroktopia item levels 10-25, Marleybone item levels 25-35, Mooshu item levels 35-45, Dragonspyre item levels 45-55, Celstia item levels 50-60, and Grizzelheim/Wintertusk item levels 20+. This would allow for players at those specific levels to be able to get their items from the World they are currently questing in.

Thanks for making a great family fun & friendly game!

May 20, 2010
It took me 50 seconds to travel from my Dorm Room to the Bazaar using a 40% mount and 58 seconds to return on foot (most of the time for either is spent waiting for screens to change). This means that it will take around a minute to set a teleport mark, head to the Dorm Room, and walk or ride to the Bazaar. Along the way, the wizard is likely to find the two blue wisps needed to restore the 20% mana. So it's costing the wizard about a minute to make this trip, since he/she can teleport back to the mark when done at the Bazaar.

The game is far too easy and convenient as it is.

If KingsIsle does put the Bazaar in every world, I would hope that they would leave it as it is in Wizard City, with all items available at all levels. It might be nice to add a filter for Level A to Level B (i.e. Level 5 to Level 20), but that would probably take a good bit of programming.

Jan 28, 2011
I agree with sbbatti, we need a bazaar in every world, and I think we should have some vendor to fill up our potions, I mean it's just to much hassle to go from another world to Wizard city just to fill my potions. :?