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access to worlds?

Feb 07, 2009
I have a really quick question...

so if i subscribe this month and unlock a couple of places or worlds and unsubscribe the next month, do i still get access to the places i've been in afterwards or would I need to go and buy access passes or subscribe to be able to get back to those places?

A subscriber can only access areas beyond Triton Avenue while they are subscribed.
If you unsubscribe, you have the same access as a Free to Play Player.
If you resubscribe, you have access to all the areas you had before you unsubscribed.

If you are a Free to Play player and you purchase areas with Access Passes, you have access to those areas forever, on all the characters on your account.

Feb 07, 2009
thanks! i was looking for a question like this yesterday and i couldnt find one then when I posted the topic i found a question like it :-) silly me... but thanks for replying! that helped clear up a lot of things!