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About Traps, Shields, Charms and Anti-Charms(?)

May 25, 2010
So i would like to know if traps and shields are cumulative or not. For example, I cast a Tower Shield (-50% damage) on myself. Opponent casts an Ice Trap (+30% damage) on me. I pass. Opponent casts Evil Snowman. Let's say the spell does only 300 damage and not 240-300, to avoid trivial numbers. Ok, so will it be 300-(300/2)=150+(30/100)x150=195 total damage (case A, non cumulative) oooooor will it be -50%+30%=-20%=300-(20/100)x300=240 total damage (case B, cumulative). I would like to know the case for traps, shields, charms and anti-charms(?). Is that what they're called? Like the Weakness type spells; charms with spikes.

Sep 06, 2010
the way shields and charms work is that the most recently casted one goes off first. That's why you need to cast the converts(ex: storm to myth/ life to death) first and then stack traps because this makes the traps go off and then the spell is converted.

As for your original question
I always assumed the effects stacked. So n this case it would go (300 X 1.3)/2