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About the castle blocks...

Aug 21, 2013
I bought the Arcane bundle so I already had experience with the castle blocks before the recipes were made available. Loving that I can craft new pieces as I need them. Here are some ideas/concerns though...

1. I seriously need somewhere to store all my castle block pieces that aren't in use. I have restored to using another castle to store excess pieces and it's not funny. (Well it sort of is but still.) Having a special attack, that we can expand by use of an elixir, would be really appreciated. Start it off with a 250 limit and allow it to be expanded to 500.

2. When crafting or looking up crafting recipes, could it be treated the same as when in house edit mode? You know, where there is an extra tab just for castle block pieces.

3. "Tower Door Castle Block" Idea here, make it possible to craft the piece without the floor and have it act the same as a regular wall piece. ie, if it's placed directly on the ground, it adds on a small layer on top and bottom. If placed on a floor or floor/ceiling piece, it molds into it. This would let me place it on a wooden floor instead of it being the castle floor. Not only that but what if I need the castle floor to be rotated to match the rest of the floor layout? Instead of the brown corner in front of the door, I might want the white corner. Ditto for the other corner pieces.

4. "Wall XL Castle Block" Love it except for one minor detail (I hope it's a bug). If I place it on a floor/ceiling piece, it doesn't trim off the top/bottom layers like the other wall pieces do. Instead, it keeps it so you see it fighting/clashing with the floor/ceiling.

5. Idea for new pieces - spiral staircases. I'm thinking four versions here. Two with spiral steps going in one direction and two with steps going in opposite direction. For each of those, have one that, when stacked, creates chain of steps that a person can keep climbing, with the other having a floor or something that indicates the end of the steps. (I hope that makes sense.)

6. Idea for new pieces - different windows. I'm thinking like there are different doors. Windows where they swing open (single window/double window) or fade away.

7. More two story pieces similar to the "Floor MD 2 Story Castle Block", but say for the XL pieces.

8. The 'Flat Roof MD Castle Block' - would like that available in XL please. :D

9. Speaking of MD (medium), why is it a MD when the one story version is labeled a large? Also the castle block and wood block ones are 'MD' and 'MED'. It's inconsistent across a lot of pieces that are the same 8x8 size (some are large, others are medium).

Looking forward to more recipes, hope some of what I said makes it into the game. (Back to constantly changing my house around now...)