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A little Twist

Jun 20, 2009
The thing I would like to see is that wizards can be able to convert over to the the dark magic. A specific quest where you can do to contact Malistaire, like in a undead area, that is primarily hard to get to and completing the quest. I have some ideas that m ight help.

1. Create a world that is completely undead, like an area where Necromancers get their spells.

2. Make a quest line that is in depth, to include missions, spying, and possibly obtaining an artificat that will boost Malistaires army. When completing the quest, there will be a small buff that the student gets when completed, or even a mark above their name.

3. Since I am sure this would be such a huge project, allow the student to convert to the dark ways 2 times. Once to do the quest and be converted, see if the student is really a dark follower. Secondly if the student does change his mind, he will be able to do so. Now after the re-conversion back to the "good side", then both Professors of the light/ dark side wil frown upon you until you complete a specific and complicated task. If the wizard that converted to the dark magic switches back to the light magic, he / she will have a short time to decide if they want to stay re-converted. Malistaire will contact the student in a dream and offer his forgiveness to the student, if he/she will complete a specific quest line. If the student does go back to the dark side, he/she will be branded as such and will no longer be able to convert to the light side again.

4. Create a world that is like the light side, but has more overtone with the dark manifestations (malistaire conversion quest).

-- the dark world will have specific quest that will be like the quest line as in as in Ravenwood. You will have to learn the "in depth" dark magic, as if you were just beome a student of the dark side.

The only thing that would change on the "light" side is that when the student enters ravenwood or even commonlands, the normal NPC's and the Professor will not be accessible <-- meaning no interaction to sell/buy. This goes for the same thing in the dark side as well.

Just a little twist to the game. I have played WOW, EQ and LOTRO and Warhammer, this game is addicting. I really enjoy the quest and the challenges. I love the fact that you cant farm and turn the game into a have and have not frenzy. It takes skill and dedication to play this game. Thank you for creating such a WONDERFUL WORLD:)