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A Guide for Spell Techniques (please read)

Apr 04, 2010
Hello! Let me just say I LOVE Wizard101 and I am creating this guide for people who constantly suffer in this game. If you have not at least made your way to Mooshu and don't want to be spoiled, I suggest you not read this. Here is a helpful guide for a different way of looking and using your spells and spells thought to be useless!


Technique: This spell is extremely helpful both in PVP and monster battles. If you have a lot of traps on you, put a fire shield on and launch it. This will get rid of your traps and make you take minimum damage and do huge damage to your opponents!

Fire Elf
Technique: I know most people already got rid of these "low ranked" spells but this is actually pretty helpful. The 50 damage before hand is perfect for getting rid of shields. Also, as you level up higher, damage to this will be increased. If you are not looking for a way to do more damage, here is another way of looking at it. You save pips to cast a spell, that may or may not do a lot of damage, and get rid of all the traps! Helpful for both PVP and monster battles! Spells that do damage than start lingering are really helpful, although those who mainly focus on doing the most damage first like Fire Dragon would not be the best idea!

Technique: Same as above but gets heal!

Steal Charm
Technique: This spell is really helpful for both PVP and monster duels! Especially against over Fire and Balance! Use this spell to steal useful fire charms and things like, +30% heal, Balance Blade, And Blade Storm! Also good for getting rid of the charms, too!

Technique: This spell is really useful if you do it like this. If the enemy has a lot of pips and charms and wards already lined up. Cast this! It does a lot of damage and it will lower the damage TEN-FOLD! If you get lucky, they will be planning to cast the spell this round, it is a good chance!

Smoke Screen (or any accuracy lowering spells)
Technique: Perfect for desperate situations! If you are close to dying, cast this spell for no pips and have a chance that they might fizzle, gives you chance to attack next round or heal!


Steal Ward
Technique: This is amongst the most helpful kinds of steal yet! Helpful for any situation! If you are facing balance or other ice wizards, cast this and steal an additional tower shield for more defense! Additional Info: When battling bosses like Astraeus, you can cast this spell to steal his 90% tower shield and he won't recast it! This is really HELPFUL PEOPLE!

Frost Bite
Technique: This spell is like what I mentioned above about Fire Elf. This spell is perfect for getting rid of a shield and do a lot of damage afterwards! By the way, traps are not recommended here unless you double-trap.

Technique: Taunt is basically a spell that makes enemies of focusing their attacks on you. This is really helpful when your friend is close to losing and you cast it so they attack you, if you have good defense though.

Snow Angel
Technique: Combines the technique of doing damage over time to get rid of shields and changing the attack focus to you!

Freeze (or any other stun spells like Myth's "Stun")
Technique: Awesome for desperate calls! Cast this to prevent them for attack so you can heal or attack!

All rank 3 and above attack spells
Technique: All these ranked spells do a lot of damage for a minimum pip cost so I recommend you keep these!

Any Remove charms or wards
Technique: This is really good for removing their charms to prevent them from doing more damage and to remove negative charms if you already have a lot of blades warmed up!


Empower and Sacrifice
Technique: Same as immolate. Put a death shield up to get rid of traps and do minimum damage to yourself and gain pips or health! Sacrifice is really good for drastic measures!

Technique: Same thing, use it to get rid of shields and start doing gargantuan damage later.

Skeletal Dragon
Technique: Same as up there!

Technique: Even though most people consider this really unfair this is how it is used. I recommend casting it when you expect your opponents to attack if they have a lot of pips and traps and blades already warmed up! Also good for those who heal a lot, they will heal you instead!

Technique: These contain the best minions! Do a whole lot of damage, use it!


Any spell that does a little damage and then attacks again with more power
Technique: The best way to remove shields. Once again, traps are not helpful unless you do double. They remove a shield from the first damage and do a lot of damage that will leave the opponents defenseless. Unless they have resistance of course.

Pierce and other removers
Technique: Same technique for removing charms and wards

Technique: Do not ditch these guys! They still have heals and charms and wards for you!


All heal spells are perfect

Balance's only technique is shielding and warming up those universal charms and wards!

Additional Info: I would recommend using Balance Wands. They remove the shields effectively without affecting any type of charm or ward expect universal!