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A Few Unfinished Storylines...

May 19, 2009
So I am level 48 on one character and have just started a second as well. I feel like there should have been more of a story with Dorothy Gale and her friends on Unicron Way, perhaps later in the game. Also, there is a character that stands alone behind the great lodge in Grizzleheim surrounded by monoliths and there are magic symbols all about. Yet, I have never received a quest to deal with him. Again, I just feel like there should be more there. Has anyone else noted other instances where they felt the storyline or plot just hadn't quite reached its true end?

There are still many mysteries within the worlds of the Spiral, many tales yet to be told...

May 02, 2009
when I didn't know you had to get a quest from the headmaster later in grizzleheim. :(

Nov 29, 2008
I have. I think that after you defeat Malistare, he should realize that he has done wrong and help to get rid of all the chaos in W.C. or another world that might be coming out. I also experience that feeling in Grizzleheim with the lone bear with symbols floating all around him. I am almost entierly done with Grizzleheim and i havent even had to go up there one time! :?

Jun 29, 2009
I think as another storyline, there should be a "traitor". Someone like Diego, and you have to battle him. He works for Malistare or someone high ranking. :) Just an idea :-)

May 19, 2009
I don't wish to give away the ending of the game, but will say that Malistaire does not clean up his messes. I helped to defeat him once. Perhaps when they add more levels and worlds to the game (which I've heard they hope to) it will be your characters chance to sort things out. Perhaps sort of like Kingdom Hearts for PS2 where you fix worlds so their inhabitants can return.
Also the Zebra character, whose name I can not remember at present Digby or something akin to that, doesn't seem to do much besides speak to you once or twice in the beginning. Perhaps later in the games evolution...adding more levels and quests, he will have a task. For now it bothers me because I see him in several worlds but have no interaction with him.
Hmm just in case you return Professor GreyRose, or any other moderator. Is it all right if I post in this topic about what I hope would happen should the storylines mentioned progress? In simpler terms can I explain what I hope would occur with these storylines? I ask because I know there is already a forum over what new worlds should be opened. But the themes mentioned here are more continuing what has already been brought out in the game.

Feb 07, 2009
Also in wizard city there are many islands that you can't go to! I mean I have stared at it sence i got there and I always wonder
Also in Korkotopia there are doors that we can't go in!
Also in Marleybone barkingham street has no purpus