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7 schools, only 6 toons. Which school not to take?

Feb 25, 2012
They really ought to up the character limit to 7, so we can make one for each school.

So long as we only get 6, I need help deciding which school I'm not making a character for.

Any thoughts from anyone?

Sep 12, 2015
I think it really depends on how you enjoy game play. I'm a thinking player and less about brute strength, so I opted not to do ice. I can tell you that out of all of my characters, I've really enjoyed balance the most. I like the ability to come into a team and play a role differently every time depending on the needs of the team. But I also know that balance isn't for everyone because it takes some time to master. Good luck sorting it out!

Nov 21, 2013
I'll go ahead and share my opinions. There are a lot of things to take into consideration, so I'll try to break this up into different brackets. First and foremost, if there's any school you simply don't like then that should be your obvious answer regardless of how useful or 'good' that one school may be. If you don't enjoy it, don't play it. So here are some bullet points I think you should take into consideration:

- Do you intend to PvP at any point in time?
- Do you prefer offensive, defensive, or support playstyles?
- Do you want to efficiently farm bosses and dungeons for gear?

Keeping those things in mind should help narrow down your considerations a bit. I'll start by adding that the only school I don't play is Storm. Why? Because while Storm is easily the most capable school for quickly farming end-game content, I enjoy Fire a lot more and find that I'm able to get close to the same results with that. I opted out of having 2 primary 'hitter' schools and I definitely believe Fire has always been a more potent school in PvP. I like the added bit of versatility I get out of it and love the animations. Sorry, Storm Wizards!

and are offensive schools capable of farming efficiently. You may not need both.
and are both supportive schools, although it's worth mentioning that Balance is viable as an offensive, solo school as well.
and are sort of niche utility schools, but still fun and useful in a lot of circumstances.
Life is primarily a healer (duh, right?) and is sought after a lot in group PvP and high-level dungeons.

If you look at them all from that angle, I hope it helps you make a decision. The easiest choice for me is between Storm and Fire because they don't offer too significant of a difference to warrant having both, in my opinion. Lastly, if you do plan to PvP, I would recommend you keep a Balance, Fire, and Ice because they have been considered great schools at most level brackets for a long time. Myth deserves a nod here as well.

May 20, 2012
I have to say is the school I would pass on.

Aug 03, 2016
I took everything but balance because I like to hit and I'm NOT a good strategist and I knew that going in.

How do you like to play? What are your favorite board games and why? Ask yourself those things and you can be closer to your own answer for your own best and most fun game experience. Good luck.

Aug 25, 2014
I know when it came down to that last spot I was left with fire and myth. I played and deleted both for awhile and eventually decided on fire. I still really want that myth school spot, so I know its a tough decision to make. My point is, just go with what interests you most and don't be afraid to play and delete a low level to test out what you may prefer.