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3v1 Dueling Strategies: What to Use, How to Do It!

Mar 21, 2010
Hello Wizards! It's me back with another Wizard101 forum. I have actually managed to complete the Spinysaur quest within 3-4 tries. It was challenging to defeat an ice boss, AND a myth boss at the same time. But anyway, I'm here to talk about 3v1 battles, because there may be going to be more assuming that the worlds are progressing, and getting harder. (Lets just hope KI doesn't make it 4v1!)

"What do I put in my deck?"
Oh yes. What to put into your deck. One of the hardest things to do.
First things first, your first encounter with a 3v1 is in Azteca, versus Wanadi Black Sky. (So far, bosses that are 3v1 are only mandatory, only for spells) Make sure to have the highest level deck possible, not meaning you will max it out, we just want more of each card max. You can choose whatever "attack" spell you will use when I say, "Choose your AoE", etc. here is your list:
4 Gargantuan, Colossal, etc.
4 Sharpened Blades. (If you have)
2 Potent Traps. (If you have)
3 Tri-Blades
3 School Blades
3 School Traps
2 AoE spells
1 Major Damaging Spell
4 Heals
2 Feints
1-2 Auras of your choice

All of these spells are under 30 cards. Bring in a reshuffle tc just in case.

"What is my strategy?"
Pretty simple actually.
Take out minions with AoE.
Then blade up, trap up.
Use major attacking spell.

Angel Hunter.