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2 Accounts: how do you set which the gift card goe

Jan 24, 2009
I have one log in to manage two accounts.

I put in one code and didn't see any way to select which one would get the pig.

I logged into the account with the same name as the log in and the pig was there.

Will the pig go to the 1st account I log into or is there a way to set that up?


Each account has its own unique login and password.

The pet will go to the account that you logged into the WEBSITE with when you clicked Redeem Card or Code.

When you redeem the card/code you will be asked to confirm that the stated account is in fact the account you want the item placed on.

If you are entering a code for a sub-account, you need to log on with that account, not the master account.

Jan 25, 2009
Ah that got it. Didn't know I could log in with the sub account.

Thank you!