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101, and a topic about moon, star, and sun

Aug 03, 2011
How do you think the Kingsisle company came up with the numbers 101 after the words Wizard and Pirates? Please share your ideas, wizards and those who also play Pirate101! Professors, Headmasters, and other important titles are welcome to announce their ideas that they had in the creation of those 101 games. Also, in this topic, I'm squeezing in this question about the astral schools. Why isn't there a moon, star, or sun class choice in Ambrose's book, which is in the progress of creating a new player? I only see the astral trainers, but no astral classed wizards. It is also not fair that there are astral enemies, but no astral wizards. Please answer this and, maybe or maybe not, solve this problem!

May 09, 2010
In pop culture and other entities....101 usually refers to the basics. The new material for those just getting started. And in this game, you start out learning the 101 basics of being a wizard. What a coincidence, right?

Hope this helps, and have a nice day!