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100%+ Accuracy and Spell Fails?

Jun 23, 2016
Okay how is it is possible if you have a Life Spell that is 90% Accuracy to start, bonuses (pet, Jewels etc) that give you +10% Accuracy and have a Accuracy Spell on for another 10% that your spell can still fail?

Please enlighten.

Aug 23, 2016
Did your opponent cast an inaccuracy spell on you?

Was there an aura in effect that decreases a spells accuracy?

Just two possibilities off the top of my head.

Steven Ghoststalker

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
Some spells have less than typical accuracy. For example, shadow pip spells earned above level 100 are 5% lower accuracy than typical. Balance is usually 85%, but both Nested Fury (level 108) and Sand Wyrm (level 118) are only 80% accurate.

Same goes for Life spells earned above level 100: the school generally is 90% but both Wings of Fate and Lamassu are only 85% accurate.

Some of the more recently released Loremaster type spells are also lower than typical accuracy. Balance's Ninja Piglets is only 80% accurate. Same with Athena BattleSight (a Myth spell), she is 75% accurate when Myth is typically 80%. Storm's Queen Calypso is 65% when most other spells are 70%. Pigsie (a Life spell), is 85% accurate even though most Life spells are 90%.

Some schools spells are much lower than usual accuracy because they are so potent. Example, Balance's Supernova is 60% because it hits 535 for 2 pips.

In order to get perfect accuracy for all spells available to you, therefore, you may need to actually go several points higher than 100%.

Not sure if this is what happened with your spell, but it might explain why you have 10% added for typical Life spells and yet still fizzled. In order to bring all Life spells to perfection, you need to add 15% accuracy, bringing your total to 105%.

Alia Misthaven

Oct 15, 2008
I think They have the accuracy calculations out of balance. I spend more time fizzling on my fire wizard than I do at casting on the first "Attack" Spell that's casted. Blades and traps obviously work as intended unless their is some kind of ward placed that affects them. I would estimate that any first time cast of any attack spell has a 95% probability of fizzling before it actually goes out in any fight. the averages I am seeing do not lead me to believe that the accuracy rating for gear below darkmoor gear is reliable. I understand that this method adds to game time but I wonder how many players have given up on the game due to the frustration of last minute deaths because they fizzled right at the exact moment that a cast was needed but failed instead. do this over and over again and see if the frustration mounts only because you can predict it almost down to the dire cast that you need to pull off the magic trick of survival.

Aug 02, 2013
I've read about this in another topic a while ago, and this happens because the pet's stats are rounded. What you see on your computer screen as a 10% accuracy, might be a 9.5. Your accuracy will be actually 99.5%, so you have a 0.5% (1 out of 200 spells) of fizzling. Hope this answers the question.

Oct 15, 2008
basically, you couldn't convince me in a million years that I had an overall accuracy rating of 85% on both my ice wizard and fire wizard because they fizzle on the "First" time selected attack spell almost 100% of the time. that accuracy rating means nothing anymore for the initial attack just because of that issue. 85% means that I should see most casts go out with little difficulty with the rare exception of the fizzle. unfortunately, the opposite is true where most first time attack casts fail on the first attempt.