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Myth Project

Jan 02, 2012
TheAwesomeMyth on May 30, 2013 wrote:
Okay, so, I made a post earlier about the least/most popular schools. Someone suggested an excellent idea so I'm setting up a project. I will record the statistics later but I would like to know the following:

1) If you have a myth, why did you choose it?

2) If you had a myth, but abandoned it, why did you abandon it?

3) If you don't have a myth, what keeps you from making one?

After these 3 questions are answered I will have the statistics in order and we will soon find out why everyone has been abandoning their precious myths! I would like to give a special thanks to crunkatog (I think that's his name) for giving the idea!
1) I had a myth wizard because I like to try out all the schools, and it was myth's turn!

2) I abandoned my myth wizard because I didn't like some of the spells, but other than that, I honestly don't remember why.

3) I am not making a myth wizard because one: I have max amount of wizards, of every school but myth, and two: I am one who cares about the appearances of spells, and a lot of myth spells involve stuff like puking on the enemy!

I still think myth is cool though, even if it is not my thing. Go myth wizards!

Mar 13, 2012
I made a myth a few days ago. She is now lvl 15 and kills kroks for the fun of it. I made her 'cause ... well, who doesn't like annoying bosses and people in pvp with earthquake!? And I also like the Orthrus spell, because it sorta reminds me of a ghost dog thing, and I would use it in honer of my late best friend, my dog

Jul 06, 2012
Myth is my FAVE school. My main wizard is myth, and I chose myth for her because, well... at the time, History was my favorite class and was taught by a teacher who my friends said looked like Cyrus Drake! But I particularly like it because of the spell animations and especially the minions. I mean have you ever gone on w101 really early in the morning or really late a night and found that none of your friends are on to help you with your quests? This is a great time to have minions. Myth is so great, I picked it as my secondary school for all my wizards. I am myth, and I am proud of it.

Sarah Moonshade
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