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zero health

Dec 13, 2008
How does a person with zero health manage to be healed by his team-mate?

Aren't you dead at zero?

Jan 06, 2009
I view it as your at a point were you have been weakened that you are completely stunned and unable to continue using mana in your duel without assistance from someone else. The duels are more of duels of the mind brought out into the physical plane.

Jan 19, 2009
Dec 13, 2008
jpcaps wrote:
you are defeated at zero. there is a difference.

That is what I thought. I don't care if ihs teammeate has his turn to cast. Once you hit zero, you should be toast and cannot be healed.


You are defeated, but not dead. Just as in Player vs Environment, if your team mate gets defeated they can be revived to help continue the fight against monsters. The same goes for Player vs Player. As long as you don't flee you can be revived. It is valuable to have a team member who has spent training points in the Life School or even better to have a primary Life student who can use power pips toward healing spells and use spells that heal everyone on the team.

This may lead to some more complicated strategy decisions. Who is the healer on the team? You may want to try to target them first. And if you have a healer, you may want to try to protect them. Who knows, maybe we'll have Life students dying their clothes to be less identifiable and Ice students dying green!

Feb 01, 2009
No you are not dead at zero. Take for instance the Death spell sacrifice. i can have 2 health and cast sacrifice on myself.

Sacrifice deals 250 damage to me and then heals me for 700. So I get hit for 250, die, and then get healed back to life with 700 health. Hope that helps.

Feb 02, 2009
mooch329 wrote:
How does a person with zero health manage to be healed by his team-mate?

Aren't you dead at zero?

I actually did that in a real battle against monsters I had about 150 health used sacrifice (it does 250 damage to self but then gives you 700 health) so I died then came back to life.

Dec 13, 2008
Sorry but zero health means you are dead/out, whatever term you want use. I completely disagree and I feel this should be changed. It will be a shame if it is not and ruins PvP, in my opinion.

Dec 02, 2008
Think of healing spells that aren't self-heal only as "resurrects player if dead and heals player for (number that the filter blocks) health".

Jun 23, 2009
personally i find it unfair in pvp that a death student has the sacrifice spell AND the pixie healing spell. that means that they can heal 8 times! (based on my deck, i have 4 copies) i find this extremly unfair because death students can already steal health with buffed up ghoul and vampire. i think that if a death student dies from the sacrifice spell, they SHOULD NOT be healed. this is fair because you can actually RESIST the sacrifice spell with good enough clothing.

and by the way, their not dead, they're defeated. as long as they don't flee their partner can heal them