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Your biggest noob mistakes

Jan 29, 2013
We all don't start amazing at pvp though some have the knack for it a lot faster. But we all have those times we look back on and can laugh at ourselves for making such big time fails. I would love to hear some of these. I will share a couple of mine (keep in mind I have an overlord and warlord knights and ect)
My lvl 45 life in a team pvp threw up doom in the second round thinking my healing boost was enough that it wouldn't matter and the other team wouldn't stand a chance, LOL I was so wrong we lost so bad.
Then there was the time my myth put a prism on an ice who was storm immune (that was priceless).
Another time my storm put a prism over myth shield (again priceless). So yeah I have come a long way lol, I would really love to hear some of yours thanks for sharing

Apr 17, 2011
I once cast Fire Elf on an opponent the round after casting Feint. I realized what I had done about 2 seconds too late. Needless to say, but the extra 35 damage didn't make much of a difference and left a trap on me. Can't recall if I won that match or not. I try not to think about it :P

Jun 25, 2011
I am a level 95 wizard and i used feint and got all bladed up so I used insane bolt and it hit me when I should have just used owl or levy lol