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Your Ahhhhhh Moment :D

Jul 13, 2010
My ahhh moment in pvp would be.

When they have like 100 health then critical dryad n heal over 4000

When they efreet u just when u use ur main attack

When u got bad pips when enemy has 12 health then he satyr

Someone using empower after putting a tc n reg feint

When they got 200 health then critical an insane bolt n u die

When u get kill by a critical wild bolt on first round

When they use guardian spirit just when they about to die

When u dont block when he only has 7 more crit then ur block

When u face same person 5 time n they went first on all of them

WHEN they dispel u just when u attack

When u get beguile n kill ur friend

When they use a tc -80 shield when u attacked

When u blade up n fein then attack n it say immune

When u gotta get off in middle of match

When ur a min late to a tourney

When u fizzle a killing hit when u had 90-99% accuracy

When u accidently discard ur last reshuffle

When u face a max lvl puppeting with a lvl 30

Share some of yours :))

Jul 13, 2013
All I can think of is when you cast a spell on the wrong person

May 08, 2014
I once had a moment where the person used judgment and it knocked me to 8 heath then I healed with rebirth and later beat him.

Aug 21, 2013
When you have game winning card and mouse locks up and you have to reopen w101

Aug 21, 2013
when you discard something and your computer freezes every discard or draw