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You think chain stunning is over?

Feb 13, 2010
a new problem has being made. just when you think people cant chain stun cause they have 3 stun shields, its not enough! me and other people have noticed that you can still chain stun by have a myth type team. we heard that if you stun, a simple earth can get the stun shields off no matter how many there are. i hope to ban earth, not from what it does, but to add a new detail to earth saying it can take blades, shields and stuff, but it cant take off stun shields. that way no more chain stunning.

Mar 13, 2009
Chain Stunning will never be over because of two reasons.

1.) It isn't right to take out a spell (Earthquake or stunning spells) because they are legitimate spells and they play a key part in the game for all the classes that have these spells. And by taking out these spells they would be severely nerfing (weakining) the schools.

2.)People will always find ways to exploit their spells in order to gain an advantage over other players such as Chain Stunning, Bolting, or just storing up spells using Judgement.

Everyone (hopefully) has a specific strategy to win in any battle, boss fight, or PVP, and they have perfected it in order to achieve the maximum potential of their player or PVP team. This whole Chain Stunning fix won't hold up for very long. I mean just look how long it took players to exploit another spell in order to counter the fix. This exploitation is legitimate because they are using the exact specifications on the card in order to make their PVP team stronger. The only thing you can do is create another strategy that counters their ablility to Chain Stun and to remove the Stun Blocks, and you cant just change the game to fix this you have to create an in game strategy without changing the interface and gameplay of the game. Or you can just not do 2-4 vs 2-4 PVP and just fight one on one because they wont be able to Chain Stun in a 1v1 PVP. JUST GET OVER IT!

Dec 19, 2008
Even with earthquake they can't use it forever and they will sooner or later run out of pips or cards.

Mar 09, 2009
If you remember, KI said the 4 stun blocks is a temporary fix until a more permanent solution can be found. Give them a chance, I'm sure they are working on a more elegant solution.

Rogan Firehammer

May 22, 2009
Ya, you can't. It doesn't just take 2 pips like stunning, it takes 6. So sure, they can stun, then remove them, then stun the next turn too. And, it is true, chain stunning has returned, and i'll explain how and what to do against it.

How it is done: Chain stunning is now executed by stun, earthquake, next turn stun, next turn have you other myth earthquake, stun, and so-on and so-forth.

What to do about it? Well, you tell me! I really have no answer. Sorry guys, i guess you'll just have to deal with people going to extreme lengths just to chain stun, so my suggestion is to just 1v1. You can't chain stun there, if you try to, you'll just run out of cards and the battle will run on forever.