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Wrong Ruling..!

Jul 27, 2011
Dear KI and all who read this,
I'd like to address the problem that I have come across recently in my last pvp match. I had just started doing pvp seriously since this morning, and I had make it to Commander by 9pm-ish. (Sorry, I'm kinda proud, so I'm telling everyone) Anyways, I was close to Warlord, 4 wins in fact, and I was down to my last card. I cast it, and it kills, and then I look at the Battle Report and it says that I had also lost points, while I had defeated my opponent with my last card. This makes me very mad, because I worked hard to get down his health, because he was a shield spammer, and I finally, triumphantly win, only to be disappointed from losing points. I think that no matter how many cards you have left, may it be 5,000 or 0, as long as you win, you should be proclaimed the winner, not tied because you were on your last card.
Thanks for reading. -Anthiasboy
AKA Michael Griffinblood, 88,
Michael, 10

Aug 01, 2010
Jul 27, 2011
lolly873 on Nov 27, 2013 wrote:
Oh so that determines the points in stuff?
I don't remember how much I lost, but I did lose some points. Thanks for commenting. ^^

Jul 18, 2010
You got tied? Thats seriously messed up in my opinion! I would too be mad! You did zap his health down to zero! You're the winner! I didn't know you lose points if you have like no cards left .... That's crazy .... :O