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would like to ask a question about JUJU Tanks

Sep 29, 2008
The question is are you Kings Isle going to change anything about the bad juju pvp build?
I ask because its one of my favorite builds now.I realize people dont like it but thats usually because they arent prepared to beat it a lot of people have been raging and calling it an exploit when its just a really good combo of spells and to keep it up you have to be very vigilant and dedicated even if it means to sit there for hours on end to stall untill its safe to take the kill shot.
Now i know what you might say about this that you changed pvp to be faster but i honestly dont want it to be faster i like being able to plan out my next 3 turns of any possible counters they might have even if i fail to see one sometimes and loose as a result because to me its a steady competition between you and your opponent to see who can out last the others counters and when one side exausts theirs the other side tends to win as a result.I know a lot of people hate it but they are usually the types of people that flee from the battle and rage cause they took one or two losses to it, which i personally feel it was their choice to flee so they deserve the loss in that case. If some one is fully dedicated to countering for a long time then they should get the win i feel as they had played better and the people who have no patience shouldn't win why even pvp if you arent dedicated. PVP is random for a reason. I realize Kings Isle gets a lot of complaints about it and all but i think it would be the wrong thing to do to mess with any of the combo because the kids who want it changed are they types who run around with 100% damage or higher like 40% base pierce and they spam shadow shrike and 4 to 6 pip hits all day long to get easy wins and if anything threatens that they complain to the forums.They have little to no variation from one to another and thats what i trully find more boring they dont really use utility they spam then they complain when a juju spamms that the juju shouldnt exist.Me personally i say gg or i leave not to deal with people.Its like PVP has died cause it used to be about more than spamming hits back to back in shadow shirke hoping for those Cheap May Cast wands to save them with its 1000 damage but yet insane bolt cards are no pvp so i dont quite understand the logic on these wands.
I really like the juju strat because its like it used to be where you had to plan out every move and im a bit worried that you(Kings Isle) might take one of the few remaing strategys that make people think, away needlessly.Additionally its not that easy to do this build right to begin with although a lot of people who dont do it assume it is easy and bash it. It can fail like any other deck can and the first two cycles it can be broken out of rather easily so its definitely not unbeatable to the prepaired wizard and with shadow shirke gear boosts and infall piercing quickly goes past 100% as well as damage in one or two turns and thats not even factoring in ciritcal.