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Winning and Losing in pvp!

Aug 02, 2010
i know im not the only who gets grief everytime i win a pvp match i am life and i get wins frequently and i hate when i win the other player has the nerve to call me names and just insult the heck outta of me ; to pvp is about learning your abilities and taking your wins as victories and taking you loses as a way to learn from your mistake ; has anyone else gotten grief for winning pvp matches or am i the only one I:

Dec 12, 2010
Look, I guarentee your not the only one cause I know I get grief to from other players but you just gotta shake it off. :|

Jul 28, 2009
Nope your not the only one i get lots of grief from pvp that's why i decided just to pvp if i get bored

Destiny DeathBlade
Lvl 58 Myth

Apr 10, 2010
I could care less about the grief I get. Sometimes it actually helps me make some minor adjustments to my deck incase I fight him/her again (I actually end up fighting the same people a lot or at least their alt chars in my 1250+ tier, myself being somewhere around 1350). Most of the people I match either don't talk, are quite nice, or at least not the devils everyone makes a high rankers out to be. If I do happen to meet a troll, then I proceed to counter troll which is quite easy since there apparently aren't many good trolls on these days. All you have to do to get someone angry on w101 these days is call them weak or swear, where as I implore the same wit and logic I always do on the interwebs to truly 'troll' them :P

May 05, 2009