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Will PvP be ready for the coming PvP season?

Dec 28, 2008
At the current state I believe KI you should hold off starting PvP till you have fix some issue in the arena. I just saw a wizard with over 2600 ranking. As moch as I love dueling I could wait a month for the real PvP Season to start(as many other feel too). If it goes as is right now in Aug the Season going to fail big time.

Issues to Fix
1. Arena disconnect issue during fights.
2. -1 ranking that give lost of points for winning.
3. Need to make two (2) rankings: Solo (1v1) and Team(2v2,3v3,4v4).
4. Wild bolt needs adjusting: Rasie pips to 4 or Lower damage to 500. Which is still almost 200% more power then any spell out for the pip cost.
5. Beligule should only work on minions or make it like stun and give the person a Beligule Shield.

Those are my top 5 but so far you all are doing a great job with adjusting the arena. Its growing to be a fun and fair for everyone in there.