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Why does everybody use triton

May 04, 2009
I don't mind losing a battle in PvP when the person has some skill and knows how to use his or her spell deck. What I have a problem with is everybody goes to the shop and buys the Triton armor and that all they used. It may not be bad if it was only allowed to storm but then you would have to make an armour for all the schools, but when I'm fighting a death student and he or she uses Triton to win the match that is not skill that is .....

May 09, 2010
it's a good spell and it costs crowns, so they have to pay money to be able to get it so they have a right if they payed for it

Aug 21, 2009
not everyone uses triton, first of all it has only 70% accuracy, and secondly unless you are storm school it is very expensive on pips... low level players of different schools may use triton because their pip chance is low but high level players find the pip cost too expensive for them to use

Jan 27, 2009
cause it's a good spell and also remember that those sets of Armour are extremely expensive