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Why do people do this:

Aug 14, 2009
Well i was pvping today, and to people kept trying to fight us like 10 times in a row just to win. and it was annoying, we kept losing too. its not cool whem people do that just to win, anyone agree?

Jul 28, 2011
I'm assuming this was an unranked, practice match; since they were able to choose you over and over again.

While it does suck to be bullied around like that, keep in mind practice matches are friendly, practice matches. You don't lose or gain anything, so you can at least take solace in knowing they weren't proving anything to themselves, or anyone else c:

Some people just can't win without feeding off of others in practice matches. Sad, but true.

Aug 14, 2009
Well, it was Ranked, because i was a legendary with a lvl 30 pvp seargent we were fooling around and then they just keep fighintg us.