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Why do only certain schools get stun?

Feb 03, 2009
First off, the idea of a stun in a turn based game is so completely overpowering it boggles the mind as to why KI put it in to begin with. Nevertheless, it's there. This begs the question as to WHY only certain schools get it. In regards to PvP....

ICE- Huge life, Ice Armor, Tower Shield, Steal Shields and a DoT. It doesn't need a stun because people already have enough of a challenge just to get through its defenses.

MYTH- Minion, Shield Rip AOE, Double Tap Attack, Shield Pierce. Once again doesn't need the stun mechanic because people are busy just trying to double layer their defenses just to survive in order to launch a counter offensive.

FIRE- DoT, Spell Power, Life/Damage Exchange. Only the cruelest of developers would give this school a Stun just to watch victims wriggle helplessly under the effect of multiple DoTs.

STORM- Spell Power, Bolt, Steal Charm. Why bother stunning when you can 2 pip Bolt a match or just 6 Pip Triton a match.

The above Schools ALL HAVE STUN and completely DO NOT need it. It is a broken mechanic and no amount of Stun Shields will EVER make it work. If you were to give a school Stun then perhaps the Life school would have been a good choice considering it has the lowest damage potential, mediocre health and could use the extra round to cast some of the healing spells that make up nearly half its arsenal.

Bite the bullet KI and REMOVE Stun from the game. C'mon, you've weathered this kind of move before with the Crown Gear. People will be upset and some will leave, but I would argue that those are the folks abusing it now.

This game has so many levels of strategy...pip %, turn based, accuracy, spell power, life totals...But PvP has become nothing but a Stun fest. Your four Stun Shield workaround is a feeble attempt at best and really does nothing but limit the use of Storm/Ice 48th level spell to only one cast which is an undeserved punishment for a mechanic that YOU created.

Remove Stun. Replace those spells or effects with something else.

I'm a 50th Level Storm and I have been playing almost since release.

May 19, 2009
well you posted the exact same thread about a week ago, i dont know why you would post it again. You could of just bumbed your earlier one. But anyways i still agree with you that stun should be removed.

Aug 21, 2009
I'm storm and I use the stun in order to heal, get up a protection shield, or otherwise try to reduce damage upon me after I cast storm lord. Due to health issues, the stun is typically necessary. When playing with a full table of players I also find that everyone expects storm to tank all the damage. Expecting the lowest health player to be the tank is very damaging, but when you do more group damage or more immediate damage than your team mates all they have to do is sit back and never become the target over you. Storm needs stun due to the low health and cowardly play of those who play with them.