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Feb 07, 2010
KI, I have a question, why do you not focus so much on pvp? I mean there are so many things about it that keep people playing, many of us including me we craft our gear, train our pets, and set our decks or react in different ways, because of it, yet for some reasons, you don't focus on pvp as much, so why? Kevin BattleBlood was one of the pvp and wizard leaders, his team left which probably made many people leave wiz. Why don't you take one more look into pvp and maybe see what people are saying, don't change it based on complaints but maybe actually play and see what happens when you have to play against another human vs playing against the mob maybe you will see how important pvp is to this game and how important it is for man of us players. Thats what this I hope KI you see one time because eventually you will lose many people because of this, I love the game and I love pvp but one day you might not realize that pvp needed changes and when many of us tried to tell you, you didn't listen, many of us will leave, I know this may seem harsh but I hope you will take a closer focus to pvp and derbies because thats why many of us play. I hope you hear my words instead of just ignore them, I hope that you will agree. Good luck in the future KI thats all we players can hope for.

Feb 19, 2010
Not to turn this into a PvP vrs PvE but please understand they do spend alot of time on PvP as well as PvE. Quite a few times things have been changed for PvP.
I think they put time in for both.

Mar 27, 2012
I agree. I enjoy ranked pvp but the system takes so long to find a match. They still have not adressed this problem.

Dec 11, 2011
Because the game does not revolve around PvP. I want everybody who disagrees with me to tell me why PvP is so specail? Is it because you have the cash to win? Is it because you can one hit everyone with your 500 tc stack? Lets get down to it. PvP is 30, 29, 28... 3, 2 oh hey! You finally picked your spell! It goes back and fourth. Nothing exciting unless some know it all comes screaming at the other player because he is friends with one guy. PvP killed this game. And it will always be broken.

May 10, 2010
I am sure KI is looking long and hard at PVP. It is not as easy of a fix as you might think. PvP effects PvE and PvE effects PvP. There needs to be a simbianse relationship between the two, but actually, they both hold eachother back and limit eachother.

There are other factors to consider also, levels, skill, gear/crowns, etc. Everything has an effect on PvP and how matchups are determined and effected. People use and exploit stackable smoke screens, or use puppet teams.

How do you satisfy the masses when people are out there constantly searching and looking for ways to gain the upper hand and have the flawless victory plan? People complain about everything in PvP, from Treasure cards, to shields, to healing, to resistance, to criticals, and the list can go on and on.

So, if you have any suggestions or ideas on how to fix PVP, then give them, I am sure KI is open to any real and lasting suggestions....