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Who likes the old arena better?

Aug 16, 2008
Hi there! :D

As you know, I've noticed some things I didn't like about the arena. I'm only a private and it isn't fair. And I disagree about the current arena.

The warlords kind of act like they are better than others (only some of them).

I miss the old arena....

So if you don't the new arena that much, please post.


Natalie Flower
lvl 50
life mage

Dec 12, 2008
i like old arena. i like how you dont get ranked :-). i dont like how warlords act like they are so better much better :(. and i like how you can most of the time pick who you face :-)

May 02, 2009
What was the old arena like?

An explanation of what it was like and if at all, some pics of what it was like would help.

Dec 26, 2008
I like the old arena better. I remember when i had my first wizard he was storm and i used to meet up with my friends while we werent training and none of us had memberships at this time but we used to go to the arena every once and a while to test out our new moves and i used to beaT THem sometimes 1v2 lol it was fun. The new arena is all about winning and being the best now thats why i dont like it as much as the old one

Jun 17, 2009
thats all everyone does is moan and whine..

why don't you just suggest two different arenas the old one and the new one still up.. simple?

Nov 02, 2008
I totally agree. The new system is all about winning. And the warlords; don't even get me started. I'm already not a master strategist, let alone even a CORPORAL at lvl 50. The old arena...
*sighs* Its not what it used to be. The old arena was never about winning or losing. It wasn't a fight to deaths, or how you were judged. It wasn't about survival, or taunting everyone you fought just because you were a higher level. It was about honing your skills against other duelists, making sure you could be the best you can be in the PvE environment, making sure you can defeat any monster that came your way. That is what the old arena truly was... until the January patch notes. Look, KI, I'm not trying to offend you in any way at all. It's just that... the best time that Wizard101 was at was at was back last September, where there weren't any patches or updates, back when it wasn't wanna-be and awesome people land in the arena. Where Dragonspyre and Grizzleheim weren't in the game yet. Now, this statement may sound a bit stupid to the people who are reading this, but it was just the life where the players weren't lvl 50, where there were fresh faces in the game, the newest players who would become grandmasters the next year, and be a model for the new players that are signing up every day. My point is, KI, we should be able to have access to the old arena by choice. And that is all I have to say on the subject.

~Michael Thunderspear
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