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Who goes first in pvp?

Aug 06, 2008
Hey guys. So I'm not understanding how the going first system works. So I'm level 77 and generally get pitted against lvl 90 guys, which is okay, not too big of a difference besides a little more health, and a few more spells. What gets me though is the turn order, I haven't figured it out for the life of me. I played 15 games today and went first only once. Its driving me crazy. I'm bouncing back and forth between knight and commander because of this. Half of the guys I face are Fire, which just shield spam the entire time and then use the myth shield break (if I have more than one shield up), followed by hound. This forces me to just heal non stop (and no life mastery yet so using healing current) while they add another hound on so can't shield either, and it becomes a game of pure luck. Generally I'm fighting all promethean guys that are private, corpoll, or seargent. So is lower rank allowing them to go first? Someone please explain, cause I'm at a loss and slightly annoyed by it. Its making me detest pvp lol :P