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Which do you prefer to play as in PvP?

Aug 21, 2009
List your schools and rank your wizards in terms of which you personally enjoy playing in PvP the most.

My legendaries are storm, balance, and life. In terms of playing in PvP I prefer life, then balance, then storm. If you aren't being constantly dispelled and beguiled my life is simply a blast to play in PvP. My balance goes for critical low pip cost group attacks to which shields aren't a bother, so I just want to deal group damage without much thought its fun. My storm has low life and typically has to contend with all types of storm shields and equipment resistances so its not so much fun unless it gets to attack first so it can get off storm lord before losing its pips before becoming dead or goes with a tempest and wild bolting strategy.

I'm presently leveling up a death wizard cause I think if it is well played it could be extremely fun in PvP once it becomes possible to enchant its cards with gargantuan. So far it is playing very strong in the actual game and is very fun and different to play than the others I've leveled up, but I'm not sure how it will play for me in PvP until I can learn scarecrow. I'm pretty sure I'll be playing death a lot different in PvP than the death players I typically see in PvP, so I'm still hopeful on its potential.

Apr 11, 2010
Well, I only have my myth.

Love it. I love being able to "dance" with my opponent. Wiping away traps, stripping blades and shields and ambushing with minions. Although I do work really slow because I play defensively. So I end up shielding early while my minion fights early on. Ever since the mastery amulets, Seraph has become my go to spell for low pip medium punches to my opponent. It's great for keeping pressure. Although fine tuning when to cast seraph is becoming tricky because of course, like any attack, it costs me some pips. Trying to find that balance between offense and defense again, now that seraph has entered my deck.

If you were to ask about fighting style in arena. That's difficult to say. It feels like I'm a spirit version of a balance wizard.

I carry a death wand, life and myth attacks along with spirit blade.
Tower shields, infections and life dispel.

I tend to heal a lot more than I used to since the amulets came out. I gotta control that too. Don't like healing so much...