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When to Start?

Aug 15, 2012
I've recently heard people saying that it's better to start doing pvp at a lower level (like level 10) as opposed to at a higher level. With the new pvp matching system, (try all opponents) is it based off rank or level? Also, are there any good pvp strategies that I can use? Currently I have lost 3 matches and won none.
Sarai Thunderstrider
Level 33

Jun 28, 2009
I'm not sure about pvp in low levels since I started at high levels which was bout 60 but I do know that for low levels most players that are warlords or captains have a resist pet and resist gear if u cannot afford the commander gear there is some crown gear in shop that can give resist such as the athame hearts steel but since your storm I honestly think yah would do much better in high level pvp such as 90 and up since all u would have to do is spam wild bolts and critical which is what most do

At low levels there is a few schools that just naturally will dominate were as some schools such as storm will dominate in the higher levels.

And your opponent is based of rank and level cause if it was just based off rank u would be seeing exalted privates fighting magus privates. However there are those matches were u will be fighting someone like 10 levels above u depending on your rank. I'm not sure bout the skill or strategy for a storm at level 33 however u could try the promo skill were all they do is spam wild bolts and once they get in a good hit they finish the guy off with like kraken or bats perhaps. It's a rather aggressive strategy of just complete offense.

I hope this helps Good luck with