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What's the Best Death Gear?

Dec 23, 2009
Hey, I'm a level 105 Death Wizard, soon to be 110, and I was wondering what is the best possible gear I can get not just for PVP, but for PVE? I currently am a solo player so I rely on myself to do all the hitting in both versions of combat although I do have a tanking setup for when I farm Omen or Darkmoor. These is my current gear:

**Attacking (PVE)**

-Death Lord's Veil of Woe
-Death Lord's Cloak of Woe
-Death Lord's Greaves of Woe
-Eye of the Soothsayer
-Lord of Death's Razor (95 Health Opal, 6% Pierce Jewel, 6% Pierce Jewel, 10% Accuracy Jewel)
-Amulet of Divine Influnece (+5% Incoming Heal Jewel, 12% Storm Block Jewel)
-Alpha and Omega Ring (95 Health Opal, 6% Pierce Jewel)
-Lord of Death's Bitter Hand (4% Overall Accuracy)


-Jade Hood of Mystery
-Jade Robe of Mystery
-Mysterious Jade Boots
-Teeth of the Lords of Night
-Cosmic Kris (No Jewels ATM)
-Life Mastery Amulet
-Alpha and Omega Ring (95 Health Opal, 6% Pierce Jewel)
-Cipactli's Lost Cards

**I have no PVP Setup ATM**

Is there anything I can do to get better or is this as good as it gets?

Oct 06, 2009
Okay, well there's A LOT wrong there.

The gear you're gonna want to use until you can get arena gear, is

Exalted Krokopatra Hat (Exalted Krokopatra Duel)
Bonesmashers robe (Exalted Rattlebones Duel)
Lord of Deaths Boots (Undying Malistaire, Darkmoor PT 3)
Road Warriors Wand (Fire and Death Version, from Road Warriors Pack)
Lord of Deaths Razor (First Boss of Darkmoor PT 3)
Jewels - 105 Health, 6 pierce, 6 pierce, 10 Death Accuracy
Rasputin Amulet (Don't remember name, get it from Rat at end of Polaris)
Jewels - 6 block universal, and 105 Health
Alpha and Omega Ring (Gladiator)
Jewels - 6 peirce, 105 health
Rasputin's Deck w/ Triangle Socket (Rasputin)
Jewels - 10 power pip chance

If you need help on a deck setup, I've hit 2k rating with the one I use right now. Also, once you get enough tickets, switch out Lord of Deaths Razor for Duelist Fatal Razor and switch Alpha and Omega Ring to Duelist Daredevil ring

Dec 23, 2009
Alright, i can manage that but as for PVE and my Defence Set, how does that look, any changes i need there?