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What was your best PvP match?

Mar 09, 2009
Describe it. What school was your opponent from? Do you remember their name? Mine was against a Death student, I don't remember his name. I was down to around 500 health and my sister tells me I have to throw out the trash and take a letter to my uncle who is waiting outside. So I run and do it I come back and have 78 or 80 health left. Now my opponent's health was around 500 as well. So he hit me with one of those Death zero spells and my health went to 3. I had a Kraken ready so I used it and finished him off.

Dec 09, 2008
A recent one that was memorable:

My 34 storm was facing a 46 ice in a practice 1v1. He immediately saw my low health (1508 compared to his 2947) and started insulting me, calling me "noob." Evidently, he thought it would be an easy match. I just kept quiet. I prefer to let my spells do the talking, in cases like this. He kept up the trash talk, though, calling me "scared" whenever I cast a shield, but he could hardly do any damage. My opponent didn't make the best choices, and I was able to cast a monster Tempest against him, complete with blade, trap and windstorm. He screwed up further, though. A few tower shields would have won it for him. But another Tempest and a Kraken later, he was defeated. I usually say "Nice duel" after every match, even if I lose, but in that duel, I didn't.

Best duel ever? Probably the practice 4v4 where I did 2788 with a Tempest.

May 28, 2009
ok it was a long time ago but it was the most best match i have ever been in.
it was 3v3 me, blaze spirit who is fire, and blaze death, is death doh (same name its confusing) vs christo, kestrel who is ice (sorry cant spell it some thing like that ) and taryn is storm. now I am or was a lvl idk thirty fifth around that, life and the twist was that christo was lvl forty six life well we did a LONG LONG battle and so i was almost dead and so was every one else then um i was out of cards but when we were chating christo said something about treasure cards i never use them so i forgot about them. and that clicked that i still had tresure cards so doh i drew one and (i am a very lucky person) i got metor strike i threw it and it got taryn and kestrel out or was kestrel already out um sorry it was a long time ago any way then blaze i dont remember witch one got christo out i didnt think it could happen we won

thats all i remember also i bet if me and christo switch teams they would of won. go blazes you two are awesome

ps if one of you five read this and now you are one of them and you see something i got wrong tell me i want you to get credit too

Mar 09, 2009
I do the same thing you do. As soon as people start trash talking I just stay quiet. That was a pretty nice win. Congrats dude!

Dec 09, 2008
Had another awesome duel tonight, and this time remembered to get everyone's names. Me (30's storm), Vanessa (low storm) and Sophia (20's fire) defeated Taryn (low myth), Andrew (30's life) and Nicole (20's ice) in a 3v3 practice duel. The other team withstood not just one but two of my twelve+ pip Tempests with blade and traps during the course of the duel.

Their healer was good, and he brought them all back from the first one. Both of my teammates got defeated, but I was still up because of ice armor and some dwindling shields. The last round had just Andrew and I standing, with one pip apiece. He had 27 health, I had maybe 65, but I still had a blade up and a trap on and finished it with a wand. It was close, though.

When the teams' levels are approximately equal, these matches can be really fun.

Mar 08, 2009
Hah this one is just funny, Mostly cause i went second :D

I was setting up an awesome judgement and then he used tower shield, and i thought No biggie, i will just steal using steal a ward. So after a stole it it was his turn and i used judgement. Then he said "time to give it back" and he stole my tower shield and my judgement failed and he won.

Joseph Liferider Grandmaster Private
Joseph Sandrider Lvl 30 Warlord
Joseph Nightrider Level 20 ummm... Noob?

Jun 28, 2009
my best pvp match was with my level 22 ice wizard facing a level 23 fire wizard. he pretty much had me beat. i had about 50 health and he had 500 and my spells kept fizzling but it was my turn and my spells fizzled enough for me to have 4 pips so i could use kraken. it dealt 550 damage and i won!

May 18, 2009
I had an awesome battle about 3 nights ago against a level 31 storm. Im balance. 22. I cast my shields and blades and then cast Kraken (my second is storm) He had no resist and he lost a lot of health. He kept attacking but my shields stoope him from doing alot of damage. I lost my Storm shield and he cast kraken on me. I was thinking ohhh nooo. becasue he had 700 health i had 56. i saved pips for locust storm and used it. he went down to 200 then he tried to use lightning bats and fizzled. (thank goodness) I had 1 shield left and played it (elmental shield) he tried sunbird (his second was fire.) but somehow dont ask me why he fizzled again. i did an accurate spell called scorpion which finished him.

Nov 26, 2008
My best duel ever was a 5-6 or 5-7 hour match. It was kinda cheap cause the other team had 2 storm 1 life and 1 death. They all had arena gear but so did our team. Names were: Reed Lightcaller (Storm) Dakota (Storm) Gabriel JadeHeart (Life) and Sean JadeSword (Death) My team was Deirdre Dragonwhisper (Life) Kelly SpriteSword (Life) Yes I had 2 healers. Marcus MoonRider (Me - Storm) and Keelan StormCrafter (Balance) It was very difficult because they went first and 2 storms kept over using dispel on me. It wasn't very fun cause me and my team were getting very irritated. And Dakota was my friend but sometimes I just don't like people over using storm spells on me when trained. Also, Sean kept beguiling us but honestly it didn't work all the time. So me and Keelan kept the healer, Gabriel, in 1 2 3. And after he was dead, he lost connection. Then it was a 3v4 match (not fair but it wasn't our fault) and we ended up winning. It was kinda fun but not as much. Well Thanks :)


Nov 02, 2008
My best match was when I was in a 2v2 PvP match vs two diviners. And it was me and (I think) another pyromancer. They had killed him, and before he lost, we defeated one as well. Then with my ultimate fire dragon combo (fireblade, fire trap, elemental blade, elemental trap, and my amulet fire trap 35%+), I finished the battle with its damage being 2678 (I know it did more than 2600 but I was taking a wild guess on the 78 part, mind you) and finished her. Ugh, then like four battles later I met up with those guys again and won again lol.

~Michael Thunderspear
(Savior of Wizard City)
Grandmaster Pyromancer

Jun 07, 2009
well i wasnt a member couldnt use text chat not a member and i was a noob lol
um here let me think aha! When i did my first arena match a 3v3 it was pretty awesome i saw amazing spells though minions other stuff it was hard though because some of the players had one thousand health! so we lost
it was so epic and i liked that battle
its my battle i will never forget XD!

May 02, 2009
For me, it would be against an Adept Fire Warlord.

He was pretty tough to beat, and I'm a fire master.

He used bunches of shields, like protection pox 2.0 so to speak.

It took me a while, but in the end, I beat him, and I enjoyed the match.

It was also in practice mode, in the WC arena, Before I was LV.48.

He was also the first warlord I ever beat, and he didn't have text chat, only menu chat.

P.S. He did attack every now and then also.

Aug 24, 2009
my best match was actually a draw against a adept pyromancer so once i got up to 4 pips i used immolate i take 250 to attack 600 she just sheild not very much attacking but she used an attack [i forgot which] and it taked my health down to about one hundred then i got immolate again i thought if there could be a draw in wizard 101 so i did just for the fun of it luckily her health was under 713 but i can hit a thousand with immolate

Mar 25, 2009
My best match was a 1v1 duel against a life grandmaster, this duel took around 3 hours. It was very fun. I got first in this battle, luckily. He summoned his minion early, I forgot that it would bring him back when I judged him, so 2 times he was saved by his minion. My shields were crazy, every tower, absorb or anything I was stealing. Then I'd shield someore and eventually his centaurs were doing like 50 damage. I ended up killing the minion, and then him. Awesome duel.

Feb 27, 2009
I dunno what my BEST match was, but i know some of worst. Like the times i get defeated by a lvl 26 JUST BECAUSE he is a warlord or commander. Yikes, pretty scary and weird when i am like 20 lvls higher than him!

Kestrel Ghostwalker~ lvl 49 Master sorcerer