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What the Heck Happened?!?

Apr 30, 2010
Okay so once i was doing this 4v4 that was lvl 48-50. It was like all the other matches i was in up to this one turn where a death grand used a spell on me. Now it didn't look like anything had happened that turn so i used dragon the next turn. Now being as absent minded as i am during pvps i didn't notice until the last second that my name and spell had appeared on the other team's side. I was about to change it when everyone chose a spell and the round started. I thought well no big deal its just a glitch in my computer, but when i used my dragon spell it turned around and attacked MY TEAM!!! The same thing happened a couple of other times and i pretty much ended up killing my team and i still have no idea how. What the heck happened? The person who kept using whatever it was on me was a mute so i couldn't ask him what he was doing and none of his other team members saw fit to tell me. I've never had a death character so far so i don't know any spells they can use. So can one of you guys tell me? Why did i attack my team? I feel like a traitor

Aaron FireStone lvl 49 Pyromancer
-give a man a match he will be warm for a moment set him alight and he will be warm for the rest of his life-

Dec 21, 2008
If saw any hearts go over your head, then beguile was casted on you.

Sep 21, 2009
Beguile happened. This is a Death spell for 3 pips that causes the target to "help you for one round." This means that if you cast an AOE spell, it will attack all of your team. If you use Unicorn, it will heal all of their team. If you shield, they will get the shield. If you pass... Nothing will happen. That somewhat limits its use in PvP.
Hope this helped.

Jun 05, 2009
Jul 08, 2009
The other guy cast a Beguile, a Death spell that, when casted on the opponent, makes them unwillingly help the team that cast the Beguile. The easiest way to get past the Beguile without harming your team/helping the other team is to keep skipping your turn until the Beguile wares off.

Apr 30, 2010