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What PVP should be

Feb 19, 2013


Ranked PVP - Create a Match/Tournament

Should have the following options that can be selected, one or more.

No Pets (default is with pets)
No Treasure Cards (default is with TC)
Play Up In Class (default is your class only, see below)
Allow PVP Gear (regular gear only is default, when selected PVP gear is allowed)
My School Only (Only wizards from same school as match creator)
Friends Only (Only Allow friends, no prizes available in tournament).
Block All Chat (prevents rude behavior, team players should be placed in group so they can chat. Will also cut down on cheating, player from team A cannot pass info to Team B).

Play Up In Class - I think this should be based on the same steps that gear is in bazaar and/or when you get training points.


Levels 5 - 9 Should be Class 1 Only slight differences between health totals, all other NON PVP gear equipment and spells is similar.

Levels 10 - 14 Should be Class 2 Only slight differences between health totals, all other NON PVP equipment and spells is similar.

Keep moving in this manner, at some point it may make sense to have the Classes be made up of 10 levels (follow gear/training point system).

If Play Up In Class is selected then allow them to compete in their level and the next level up, NEVER play down. If you want to play with a friend that is lower level then play in practise arena. This option will also help cut down on cheating with puppets for rank and tickets.

Tournaments (Fully Automated System)

Should have the above options AND

Maximum Number of Wizards (Set limit, maximum is determined by Class.)
Prizes Awarded (All tournaments give trophy's to winner, PVP tickets given based on number of entries if this is selected, prizes not available for friends only tournaments).

If Prizes Awarded is selected the tournament costs X crowns. If Prizes Awarded is not selected cost is X/5 crowns.

Allow Levels 5 Through 9 to enter tournaments, why discriminate?

Other ideas?


Sep 17, 2012
I like the idea of options, but it absolutely should NOT be for ranked. You cannot possibly rank people on the same scale when they get to pick and choose the battle rules. If you want the rewards of ranked play you should play by the same rules as everyone else in the rankings. What you are asking for is kinda like starting a baseball league that only has left-handed pitchers who cannot throw a curveball, the players aren't allowed gloves and a homerun is anything past the infield that isn't caught.
You obviously couldn't rank the winning teams on the same scale as you would Major Leagues. If everyone gets the same rewards, they need to play by the same rules to get them.

Apr 17, 2009
Only my school? Why would I want to fight people of only my school? I would expect A LOT of dispels. Js, PvP is perfectly fine the way it is, I do like the *No Pet *No Tc though, makes it sound like it takes more skill.

Feb 19, 2013

I just added those because of the new tournaments. I like it straight PVP but threw them in because so many people like the idea of different tournaments.

Control of what is done for any battle would be with the person that created it.

Anyways, with different tournaments ranking are not going to be what they were. The Ranked PVP system is so broken as it stands, the Rankings mean little to nothing.

When you are a level 90 - 94 wizard you get to battle people that are lower than you. When you are level 8 you are forced to battle people that are often 30+ levels higher than you.

I think the Ranking System should state Level or Class of Rank

Warlord Class 1 - tells you warlord at level 5 - 9
Warlord Class 2 - tells you warlord at level 10 - 14

This would mean much more than current system.

I am a warlord myself, but there are much better players at higher levels. Most people i have talked with think the higher you go the more prestige it is to be a warlord.

other thoughts?