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What is the Single Most Important Spell in PVP?

Oct 15, 2009
I have been away from the actively participating in pvp for a while. With the healing pets, criticals, and other new additions the arena plays a lot different than it did 4 years ago. Better or not is debatable, but one thing remains the same, going first is a huge advantage. There really is no way around that. It is the way a turn based game of this nature is, someone has to go first.
If you are like me, it’s either a feeling of confidence or the heart sinking when the outcome is shown of the casting order. When that arrow points toward the opponent there have been times I’m almost ready to throw the towel in. Yes, I have managed to win going second. It feels like an uphill battle the entire time.
There is a way to address this. I suggested it 3 years ago and occasionally a few times since. Others have mentioned similar ideas.
A new spell: Rewind. Once cast it reverses the attack order. It would almost look like a stun spell as the other person appears to lose a turn. Not so much they lose a turn as the caster gains one. After the spell is cast, the caster gets another turn because the order has now been reversed.
All is not lost for the other person. If the spell costs a reasonable amount of pips, the caster will not have enough to cast a powerful spell. It gives the former first person a round to generate pips. Yes this could result in something similar to a bubble war with the order changing a couple of times. But there are things which could help control this:
Make it a rare treasure card
Make it an expensive treasure card
Make it a card that can not be crafted
Make it a high pip card
Make it a low accuracy card
The other direction would be to make it a very common card and rewinding and would be a new dynamic to the evolving arena. If you have ever played the card game Uno you should be familiar with this concept.
Does it solve the challenge (if you even see a challenge), no. But it is as close as it could come to leveling the playing field and bringing a much needed and long time sought after balance.
The pip cost would make or break this spell. IMO if this were created, it would be the single most important spell in PVP.
What spell do you think is the absolute most essential spell to have?
* If you think Rewind is a good idea please let KI know. Enough people were vocal about the Volcano spell and they created it.

Aug 20, 2011
The most important spell is a matter of interpretation and largely depends on how you prepared before the match and what kind of match you're in.

Seems like you want to talk about a turn-changing spell system. Actually, some other authors and I have suggested a turn-changing spell cards in the past, for around a year. About 50% of wizards who commented really like the idea, about 25% had serious reservations about it, and 25% didn't know what they were talking about or were totally off-topic.

I maintain that if KI intends to allow any flexibility in the turn-taking system, a spell is the most effective way to go about it. All other methods I have seen suggested are inadequate in that they still allow chance to rule who goes first, or they involve creation of new player statistics from gear (huge advantage to "pay to play" wizards).

A+ Student
Mar 02, 2010
Personally, I think making the person that goes first have an auto-pass the first turn would make it fair. That way, the person going second will have the first turn, but you'll be able to counter his/her moves from then on in the match.