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What has pvp turned into

Dec 21, 2008
In the arena, I see a lot of people reporting each other and being rude. PvP is supposed to be fun. So I have a few suggestions so these things don't happen. When you are in a arena battle, when you talk out loud, only your team can hear you. And the people that are watching does not get to hear the players. So when you talk only your team can hear you. This way, no one will be able to call the other team names. And the reason people that are watching cant hear is because when I was in PvP 4v4, I said lord to my storm person and I did earthquake. So we chained for one round. Then, from when i said lord, they reported me for chaining. And after the match is done, it will take you right back to the PvP lobby. I only think about this for ranked. Practice is already fine( I think). And one more thing. I really think KI should remove the word noob from the game. I am very tired of being called one for winning! So thats why I would like to offer my suggestion. And I dont think any of you know what it means anyway.

Luke ThunderShade
Mater of Monsters
Knight 660

P.S. This ranking down thing only works really when you ranking is really high. I became that rank from captain with only 3 battles.