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What happened to the enchanted trading thing?

Apr 11, 2010
This is odd, I've been bolted by a myth wizard and a death wizard. I thought something was being done about enchanted trading?

These bolting creeps are robbing me of my ranks...

Aug 12, 2009
they probally had left over enchanted cards from friends dont worry the will eventually use them up!

May 15, 2009
since the announcement of pets and ban of trading enchanted wild bolters stocked a LOT of bolts

Jun 16, 2009
I HATE the change of trading enchanted cards... I mean I never used the cards for pvp!!! I used enchanted cards for towers or tough dungeons and now its nothing but epic fails <.< Its REALLY irritating me also... when you pvp... dont pvp with a char that is 26 or higher cause bolt or no bolt its a bad way to pvp just make a new character and lvl that to 5 then buy the staff in the crowns shop for all levels while also buying crown equipment like the 5% defence anthame then pvp wit that... its how I got my pvp gear oh and also if you want to just have the gear for looks get the gear and the cloths you usually wear on your main character then stitch the cloths with the gear and there ya have it :-D :-P