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We seem to have a DoT problem...

Apr 18, 2010
thorvon64 wrote:

Most people on these forum ignore this, but if what you say is true, then how come Balance, Life, and Storm are the schools that are the most rarely seen to win tournaments. Whereas Fire, Myth, and (sometimes) Ice seem to always win. It also just so happens that the schools that rarely win, are the schools without DoTs. Explain Thorvon, why do these schools lose more often?

Even if life can heal through doom and gloom (doubt it.) Life cant win by just healing. Once shield stops life in their tracks, they waste all their blades and traps clearing it, the life minion has such low health, it dies before it can get going. Once they spend a small amount of pips and their blades to clear the shield, another comes up as shield are 0 pips.

Fire elf clears 4 shields, 2 in one turn, Wild bolt clears 1 for the same amount of pips. Storm elf cost 500 (or 800, cant remember) gold a piece. So storm has to spend a certain amount of gold per match to succeed whereas fire doesn't? How is that balanced?

Minion decks are easily counters by gargantuan 4 pip AoE's. If you rely on judgment so much, you will never have a follow up attack, meaning they have time to heal and shield, whereas you being pip-less cant heal if they hit you.