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Watching the Queue

A+ Student
Mar 02, 2010
Okay, so I've noticed something happening in ranked PvP. The more matches I joined, it seemed the more prepared my opponents were to fight me.. Not just my overall strategy, I mean specifically: Me. They have over 100% Balance resist, maxed out Balance dispels, and have a deck perfectly set up to take down my wizard. This obviously can't be luck, I'm sure Balance immunity and having hardly any resist to any other school would take somebody to Warlord. I discussed with my friends about it and they told me to read a guide on Duelist101 about this, and it's something called 'Watching the Queue'. I'm not going to get into how you do it, because I don't want any more people to know how, but basically what it is is making ranked (and practice) PvP matches a lot easier for you by giving you a chance to set up a gear and deck to easily defeat the opponent. To me, this isn't fair the slightest bit. KI, I think you need to address this issue in your next major update.

Sadly, I think us duelists should lose the feature to be able to see our opponent's schools from the joining queue in ranked PvP. If wizards are just going to abuse this feature to rank up, I think we should lose it. I'm tired of having to face people at my level with immunity and maxed out dispels for my school specifically, it extends matches to lengths I don't want and alters results dramatically (in ranked). Some temporary solutions that I've found to have worked less than half the time are using Dark Nova, Spectral Blast/Chimera, and off-school spells. This is not what I want from PvP, and especially not from other duelists. In my honest opinion, this is a huge representation of poor sportsmanship and a complete lack of skill.

Jul 11, 2013
I agree that it is unfair. It's really getting unfair that players who are like "PvP Warlord" and that you're starting to start your first ranked match, it's not easy. Maybe they're a higher level(I've seen a lot of level 100's lately)..... I'm pretty sure that most of the players are not "private". Usually, I do practice PvP, and whoever I get matched up with, it seems like everytime, I lose the match.

Aug 20, 2011
Back in late 2012, wizards could still open up their spellbook in the initial 15 seconds before a match started. You could completely change your deck based on what you were able to tell about your opponent. KI eliminated that feature for obvious reasons. The advantage you are describing is less straightforward, but yes, players watch the queue and use it to inform their deck setup.

Here's a potential fix for the next update: Give players the option to "Cloak" their school and name when they join the queue.

Dec 16, 2009
100% agree, watching the queue demonstrates a shocking lack of any sense of sportsmanship. It allows persons to set their decks against their opponents which leads to rank inflation and a general decrease in the quality of matches. Furthermore, it is a bad habit that preempts learning to build a balanced deck that addresses the majority of strategies. I believe that one possible solution is to block the school of your potential opponents from being displayed.

Sep 07, 2011
This is a real problem. I agree. Player details should be hidden in queue.

A+ Student
Mar 02, 2010
Lucas Rain and Eric StormBringer, to add to that, I think players shouldn't be able to fight the same 1v1 opponent twice in a row until after 30 minutes, it happens very often in high rank PvP and in the second match the opponent usually set their gear and deck to fight you.