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warlords got GG first round.

Jul 13, 2010
so me and my friend are both lvl 61 OverLords with resist around 50 and block around 120, which is about the decent amount people our lvl have. so we went against this 2 storm who are lvl 100 and 96 private. we fought them twice!

both matches those 2 went first and they both temp and critical and kill first round before we cast a single spell.

i really think this lvl different give them too much power, extra health, option of better gear with very high offense or defense, and plus 70% they go first.

i would acept any opponent just if they are not 90-100, is just too op to face at lvl 60 in team pvp.

May 02, 2014
It because you are both warlords that are lvl 50 if you checked the box you will always get higher lvl wizards then you.

If you didn't I guess kingisle thought you could take them on.

Not saying anything rude to players or to the people who made this game.

So if you can't beat them maybe that would be a good time to quit.

I got what I wanted in rank pvp and now I'm trying to get the warlord outfit and the lvl 60 wand for rank pvp.

Kymma lvl 27 Ranked Warlord now