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warlord impossible?

Dec 14, 2008
there is a problem i been seeing. warlords are having their friends drop rank into below zero so that they can fight low levels and gain tickets. making it impossible to rank up do you have a solution. because i have an idea
since they make the below zero rank person make the matches the ranks are near is level but try to make it highest rank will get battles near his lvl so it scales to the highest rank. so please try making the arena fair again.
(i dont have problem against balance, warlords higher then me in rank matches yes)

Apr 28, 2009
being a warlord takes skill i one. well want to be one you gotta learn how to beat them. talk to warlords of your own school they can help and teach you how they got to there rank. btw every school can be a warlord it all depends on the use of cards. and all ranks have warlords in them warlords rank down and go back up and repeat