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War of the Warriors

Dec 21, 2008
There is going to be a very, intense tournament taking place in wizard 101. It will be called the war of the warriors. You must know your type very well and you must be at least a level 40. There will be three different groups in this tournament. They are Master(40-44), Half Way(level 45), and Grandmasters(50). The masters will play in the realm scarecrow, area 1 at 1:00pm PST(Pacific Standard Timezone). That will be on Friday June 25, 2010. Half ways will play in the realm Falmea, Area 1, 2:00pm PST. On June 27, 2010. And the Grandmasters will play on Wu, Area 1, 3:00 PST. That will be on June 28, 2010.
It will be a 2v2 so find a team mate before the tournament begins. Also, you need to sign up for this and the way you do that is to reply to this message saying your wizards name, level, and the name of your partner if you already know who your team mate will be. Also, you team mate must be in the same level group as you. But if you have PvP gear, you can't use it because it will be unfair to other players. There will be no certain rankings. So, do not forget to sign up.

Luke ThunderShade
Grandmaster Conjurer

Jun 08, 2009
if it is still happenning, count me in. but i am a 48, so what type will i be in, half way? grand? ill be there anyway, though. cya there!

paul ironflame, level 48 pyromancer, master of fire 8)

May 19, 2009