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want best 2v2 school combination

Oct 11, 2009
ima lvl 18 balance and my lvl 35 storm friend 2v2 alot...we got a good winning percentage..about 75% of all matches we usually win...i shield and buff him and he does his buffs and so on...i usually die cause im more worried about my friend getting his buffs cause he is the damage of the group....he usually uses tempest or sumthin like that. but ive noticed us starting to lose more matches and we want to make new characters just specifically for pvp but we need a good combination. plz help us! :-D

Feb 18, 2010
The best combo is one that is somewhat unfair, i mean you wanna know the best it's:

Best "Unfair" Combo: Ice & Myth. This is because of their ability to stun with a normal myth stun spell, quake to remove all stun shields, then stun again with ice giant, then continue this while getting hits in while their stunned. Chain stunning is unfair however, but it's the best combo for 2v2. Many would say Storm and Myth, but ice has the ability to last cause the high health. Once the storm dies, myth is at a disadvantage in a 1v2.

Best "Fair" Combo: Ice & Life. Ice cab hav over 3500 and life can have over 2900. They both have allot of life, also, a life will keep you in a game, repeatedly healing health of a ice can keep them in the game web longer than normal. Trying to take out this life will eventually end in a loss of cards or eventually a KO.

These are the best imo, of course others may have other thoughts on the subject and might disagree.

Good luck!

May 28, 2009
If is the best 2v2 combination you want, i will say that consern to your school. What school are you. Here, i will post the best combinations here:

Storm+myth: Storm remove bad blades and remove blades while myth does remove shields and traps. Storm can stun by using a spell who can stun, And do chain stuning. And Storm does a huge damage and myth does double tap. This can be one of the best combination.

Balance+Life: Life heal while balance use judgement when he/her have many pips.

Death+fire: Death+fire=The ghost fire! Hehehe, just kidding! Death use it drain against it opponent and fire use heckhound and stuff. Cause fire's burn plus deaths drain can make it's opponents scare, kind of. I don't know why but i know many thing about psycology.

Well, i still have some good combinations but i guess that all right already. Ice can be good with Life, another ice or balance.