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Wagering in PvP

Dec 13, 2008
I know recently, KingsIsle tested out the wagering in pvp. I know it failed. But i was wondering if you could test it again and try to imporve it instead of giving up on it. Because I for one was hoping it would pass and would love it to be in the live game and i am sure many other wizards as well have the same opinion. If neccesary i would like to start a petition if that is not against any of the rules here in Ravenwood. I would like to start the petition on let Wagering in Wizard101!
So if you agree sign here!

1. -Brandon Ravenshield

It didn't fail.
It was our choice not to implement the feature and we will not be revisiting this idea.

Dec 02, 2008
I was surprised when I saw that they were putting wagering into the game at all. They try so hard to make it "kid-friendly" and inoffensive, even to the degree of crippling the chat, but there would probably be quite a few parents upset that the game was promoting gambling.

Additionally, from a gameplay perspective, one of the chief advantages of disallowing trading is that it blocks "gold farmers" from messing with the game. The wagering system would have allowed them to sell gold to players by throwing a match.

Jan 04, 2009
Actually aside from making it "kid friendly," a wagering system... betting, would mess up the in game economy. It would be almost as bad as people being allowed to give items to their friends. The shops wouldn't matter. People would quit purchasing crowns. Kingsisle would lose money.

Dec 13, 2008
I guess that is true. But Wagering isnt truely gambleing. Plus it wouldn't be promoting gabling at all, it is a choice. Anyways i was hoping we would be able to trade gold and items soon, instead of cards. If gold farmers come we can stop them