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Useful experiences.

May 28, 2009
Here. Never start to play ranked PvP if your level 10 and lower. It happen to me when i was level some thing. Low. Ok, i was dueling someone but when i hit him, he always heal with pixie! The combat will never end! So, better start when level 20 or more so you can stun, boost, trap, and more.

Ok, that it, bye!

Jul 21, 2010
Nov 25, 2009
starwarsguy765 wrote:
i have a better idea...never play Pvp EVER its pointless and annoying

It's not pointless if you like cool pets, furniture items, and clothes.

It's not pointless if you like dueling with friends or just improving your skills to become better in boss duels.

It's not pointless if you have trouble in the game and need a break or new ideas for how to get through different events in battle.

It's not pointless if you like making new friends and can't get anyone to talk to you anywhere else.

It's not pointless if you like showing off a cool badge now and then.

It's not pointless if some stuck up kid needs to be put in his place.

It's not pointless if you enjoy having a conversation with people and need a reason why you are unable to port to someone else when they keep calling and calling and calling. (Yes, being in battle is a perfectly good reason to stay)

It's not pointless if you are trying to teach your lower level friend how to fight better.

It's not pointless if you enjoy it and duel for fun.

It's not pointless if you or a friend wants to show off a new card without having to fight some big boss or other annoying enemy.

Live long and prosper.
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