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Unfair PvP

Jul 28, 2014
I was in the arena earlier today looking for a 1v1, I got the match quickly (within a few seconds) We go to the arena. I am only a level 40 storm with 1500 health 30 damage pvp rank: 498. So i see this guy has 2200 health... I'm like hmm ok must be a level 50

We were there for a few minutes he blades, I put a shield up for his school, Next round he attacks using wraith (level 42 death spell) correct me if i'm wrong. I'm like ok no problem i will live i got this -70% shield... So next thing i know it says critical. I'm like no problem i got this shield, it takes his blades uses my shield and i still end up dying.

After he killed me i looked at his rank and level he was rank 64 and level 59, How are you going to put someone 19 levels lower that has no chance of blocking a critical attack? even with a shield i still died. I understand rank is a big factor is PvP like a 2500+ rank level 50 will face a lvl 100 private, But in the situation i had it was just so unfair, On top of that he went first. I understand since i had the higher rank the system thinks i have the advantage.

i know its a random generator on who goes first, (or so they say it is) i dont believe it is i went second 23 times and first 2 times, Yes i even counted. Must be unlucky But could someone that if very familiar with pvp or a moderator please explain this to me?

Feb 08, 2014
Look Blake i know what you go through i have a lvl 14 balance wizard i basicly always go last it is annoying i have to face lvl 30+ with a rank of veterain i am like what the heck it is so unfair all they do is spam enchanted fire elfs i half to face knights like it is "fair" but it is not and they always go first i have no chance and all i want to do is become pvp warlord the matches are rigged i tell you I get som mad i rage quit and i know how you feel i just want you to know your not alone and and i feel your pain cause I am a lvl 14 facing 30+ with way better gear mount olympus gear and craft gear i can't even get my hands on good gear i try and farm nightshade and if you need help with anything i will help you i have a lvl 73 myth going onto lvl 74 soon i hope but it is hard out there with the spammers then dying again and agian but lvl 50 warlords have to face lvl 100 with allot better spells so if you need helping lvl or just tc reply ok and soon cause my membership runs out soon lol ok bye