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Unfair PVP.

Jan 04, 2009
I have a myth wizard that its level 18. I won some fights and reach Knight. Everything was ok until I started fighting level's 50. I mean come on, what chance does have a level 18 against level 50? I ask myself. For my surprise I won the battle. But then I found myself fighting against a GRANDMASTER LIFE. So now, how can a level 18 defeat a 50 life wizard? Well here is the answer... Its virtually impossible. Every time you do damage to him. He just heal back and off course having a small deck don't help at all. Off course you can buy Reshuffle if they were not so HIGH on price. But my main complain is why a level 18 as my self keeps fighting Masters and Grandmaster who has double and sometimes triple of my life on top off that they get first turn and if that's not all I get like 2 or 3 points for defeating them. I mean its like the game instead of giving you rewards they PUNISH you for being good at PVP. I know some people here will start saying its competitive PVP and blah blah but one thing its competitive and another its unfair. I mean a level 18 against Masters and Grandmasters? That's like putting a Blind fold in your eyes and make you fight a boxer. In my opinion KI have to fix this and soon this is not competitive its unfair. Thank you for reading and please give your opinion.