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Unfair match makes me SO MAD

Jul 21, 2009
I was doing pvp. I was having a great day and got from knight to captain. I know they are supposed to be fair and most of them were untill I got to captain. As soon as I got to that rank, that paired me up with a grand storm warlord with all his warlord clothes! I know it's supposed to be fair but COME ON! I doubt he was the closest to a FAIR match. There had to be one other captain besides me. You should change it so you can only face someone of your own rank.
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Scot Thorn

Jan 05, 2010
Save up your arena tickets and buy gear, it's a grind but once you have it you'll make warlord no problem. Everyone has to go through it! Good luck!

Aug 14, 2009
dude, when you go up ranks, they make you fight lower ranks, your actually lucky. Because if you won against the warlord, than you would get A LOT of points, if you lost, you would lose like, between 5 to 10 points. For me, I always fight the lower ranks which are grands that are private, corporal. And whenever I lose, I usually lose about 20 point which is annoying. So I wouldnt complain about this, I would be thankful if I was you.

Sep 29, 2008
yea this happens a lot like when i'm on my balance grand some time i randomly get a noob which isn't fair to him or me it should go by rank and if it cant do that then go by level the difference should be better then