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Unfair distribution of pvp ranking points

Aug 17, 2009
My lvl 18 death character, who is a veteran, is matched with mostly people whose lvl is in the mid 30's. Already this is wrong, but I manage to defeat most of them. What is the real problem, is when I lose to one of these lvl 30's, I lose 25 ranking points! That means I lose twice what people lose in a fair match, when I lose to someone twice my lvl! Something is wrong with this picture.

The reason for this, is because I am a veteran (mid ranking), and when I am matched with lvl 30's, they are usually a private (low ranking). When the game matches high ranking character up, they match the characters with people a much higher lvl than them. And when they distribute pvp ranking points, they take no consideration whatsoever to lvl, only rank. I think something needs to be done about this.

First of all, high ranks dont get any benefits, (besides if you are a super high rank and get pvp armor) but being a high lvl does get you benefits. Rank only shows your skill. I think that the matches should be made, according to your lvl, because that is where you get advantages. I also think ranking points need to be distributed by lvl.