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Unfair Advantage

Dec 14, 2012
Okay, so I don't normally pvp. Like, at all. But I want to get in to it! There's a lot of things I want that can only be purchased through arena tickets. But can someone please explain to me how 1v1 matches are assigned?

I am a Private. I have no experience pvp-ing. Want to start Daily PVP rewards and move my way up in the game, ya know?

So can someone PLEASE explain to me why in the two short battles I was in, I was pitted against a PVP Veteran and a PVP Commandar?! This is a completely unfair advantage! Sure we're around the same level, but I have no experience doing PVP. I don't know the subtle tactics I'm supposed to be using. I don't have awesome PVP pets that give me universal damage. I'm a normal PvE player who wants to try expanding out into all areas of this game but if its gonna be like this every time, I'd rather just not bother with it at all.

Please, fix the system matching for this. As there seems to be a clear unfair advantage right from the get go. And no, I didn't select "try all opponents". It even says, "finding opponents in your skill level..." does this refer to actual game level? Or pvp ranking?

What do I do? I'm just so lost, and I want to pvp but not if its gonna be unfair from the beginning.

Nov 27, 2013
there is a box when you join the queue for a match that says "Try all opponents"

if that box it checked you can sometimes get opponents that are much different in rank than you

if that box is NOT checked, the game will look harder for opponents that are about your level. it might take longer to get a match if not many people who are your level are joining the queue when you are though.

Sep 10, 2016
i have noticed that when i am pvp against a sergeant upwards that sometimes my pierce happens to not work and that at times my resist fails. Why is this?

Jan 12, 2013
I don't think there's an easy way to get into PvP. In general if you face Warlords they will be ~10 levels below you but with better gear they are often still stronger even if they aren't tactically better. When there are few people in queue, matches can get one sided even if you don't click the 'Try all opponents' box. Much of the best gear can't be obtained until you are a commander, but how do you get there without good gear?

Step 1: work out what the best gear for your wizard might be. Look at other players your level in arena, search the internet, talk to Diego and other vendors nearby. e.g. Brandon Mistborn has some good rings and athames that you can buy as a private, and you are guaranteed to get a good lvl 30 wand if you complete Mount Olympus.

Step 2; Train a good pet - don't need to be a PVP expert for this

Step 3: get easy arena tickets. If you enter tournaments, you usually get 200-400 tickets even if you lose most of your matches. Makes it easy to get gear off Brandon Mistborn for example.

Step 4: Get a good deck - with lots of space for tc. Use spell points and tc wisely to have attack, defense, healing covered. Look at what spells other wizards your level use. You will need to farm for gold/tc.

Step 5: Get the best gear you can without PVP. e.g. spend crowns, farm aquilla, waterworks, etc. Whatever.

Step 6: Now you have a half decent PVP wizard, maybe you are ready to compete. Took a lot of effort to get here huh? No wonder most people give up. You will probably lose lots of matches to start with but don't get upset - it's a learning process. Don't blame system - ask yourself what you could have done better. Adjust deck, maybe get a different pet, etc.

Step 7: As you rank up to Veteran and commander you can buy better gear from Diego.

Step 8: Listen to people say "Well if I had your gear I would have won". That's how PvP works. 50% is in getting the right gear, spells, etc. The other 50% is who goes first. The rest is skill.

Nov 27, 2013
dianatku on Apr 2, 2018 wrote:
i have noticed that when i am pvp against a sergeant upwards that sometimes my pierce happens to not work and that at times my resist fails. Why is this?
it happens because your opponent has considerably more resist than you think, or considerably more pierce.